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Strengthening Families Program


Learn skills to help your child succeed during the teen years.

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) 10-14 is a proven effective, family inclusive program that promotes positive communication, family bonding and joint problem solving skills.

The program is designed for youth ages 10-14 and their parents/guardians.


Youth will develop skills for…
¨ Setting and reaching goals
¨ Managing stress
¨ Resisting peer pressure
¨ Following rules
¨ Appreciating parents

Parents will gain strategies for...
¨ Setting appropriate limits
¨ Encouraging good behavior
¨ Using effective consequences

¨ Protecting against risk
¨ Sharing expectations

 Strengthening Families Facilitators

Donielle Flynn BS, CLC
Health Educator
Monroe County Health Department

Cheryl Goodrich BA, MS
4H Extension Educator
OSU Extension Office

Ken Stewart BS Extension
Program Assistant
OSU Extension Office
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