Nursing Services

Director of Nursing
Christa Russell RN, CLS
Office Phone:  740-472-1677 Ext. 3
Fax: 740-472-2508

Public Health Nurses
Stacie Arnold LPN, CPST 740-472-1677 Ext. 12
Pam Knowlton, RN 740-472-1677 Ext. 4

 The Monroe County Health Department Nursing Services
         Child Immunizations  Adult Immunizations  Flu Clinics  Notifiable/Reportable Conditions   
TB Testing  Lead Testing
 Pregnancy Testing  Children's with Medical Handicaps Program  Narcan

Clinic Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
**Clinic hours are subject to change due to unforeseen events and/or holidays.**

Service Fees
Administration Fees
•    Adults 19 and older first vaccine                                                $28.00
•    Children up to age 19 first vaccine                                             $21.00
•    Administration of additional vaccines                           $10.00 each
•    Flu Shots                                                                                              $10.00
•    Covid Vaccine                                                                                    $10.00
Cash Offered Services
•    Tuberculin Skin Test                                                                      $20.00
•    Pregnancy Test with Verification                                             $20.00
•    Lead Testing (Non-UHC Molina CareSource)                    $25.00

  *Vaccine Fee(s) vary upon type of vaccine
  *Medicaid and Private Insurance are accepted for most services
*Please present insurance card(s) to the nurse during the appointment to see available coverage.

    CPR Training (during offered dates)
  BLS -$25 non-Monroe county resident / $5 resident or working in Monroe County   
                           Heartsaver- $20
                           Blended Learning Options now available!

                                                                                              Free Services
                          Blood pressure checks
                          Foster Screenings
                          Allergy Shot Injections....…**must have appointment scheduled with nurse 
                          Some services cannot be denied due to inability to pay

                           Questions? Please call our Immunizations Nurse at 740-472-1677 Ext. 12

CDC maintains a current English language vaccine information statement (VIS) for each vaccine. You can view and display the web page, download and print the PDF file, view on a smartphone or tablet with the link below.