Probate Juvenile Court

Monroe County Juvenile Probation

101 N. Main St. Room 39
Woodsfield, Ohio 43793
(740) 472-5790 (Juvenile)
(740) 391-3318 (Danny Stewart)
Hon. James W. Peters, Judge
 Probation Officer Zach Tolzda
Community Service Coordinator Danny Stewart 
Court Therapist John Liendecker
Teen AA Coordinator Chuck Dye

The Probation Department of the Juvenile Division of the Common Pleas Court is an active department, consisting of a Probation Officer, a Community Service Coordinator, a Teen AA Coordinator, and a Contracted Therapist. It is not unusual for the staff to be involved with cases or questions on weekends, holidays and in the early morning hours.

Additionally, all officers have the following required duties: 

1. Filing violations of law/probation through the Prosecutor's Office
2. Testifying in Court hearings.
3. Serving as Court Bailiff
4. Completing assessments on youth/writing case plans
5. Writing and filing reports/case note documentation
6. Public Speaking
7. Monitoring those under Court supervision through unannounced visits and drug screens
8. Utilizing arrest authority when appropriate


Probation Officers work closely and regularly with the Prosecutor's Office, schools, police, and various support agencies in the County. Attempts are made to have personal "face to face" contact with not only youth on probation, but all agencies with which this department has a business relationship. 

As a Probation Department in the Juvenile Division, not only parents and custodians are dealt with on a regular basis but also adults who have been convicted of contributing to the delinquency or unruliness of a child for contributing. The department supervises adults on probation for these types of charges.

It is the Probation Department's belief that in order to be an effective, knowledgeable operation, it is mandatory to be out in the schools, police departments and community as much as possible in order to properly supervise those on probation. It is also of utmost importance that the Probation Officers know the respective environments of those they supervise and to know the issues that the clients must face on a daily basis. An ongoing, ever escalating abuse of alcohol and drugs, deterioration in parental supervision and lack of a home environment conducive to values are the primary reasons for youth becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

It is also paramount to the Court's position that rehabilitation of the juvenile offender is our objective through accountability, responsibility, treatment and supervision. However, the public safety and welfare must be of primary concern when deciding the appropriate action to be taken by a Probation Officer.

Underage Drinking is a Major Problem in all Communities