Standard Rules of Probation

Standard Rules of Probation
101 N. Main St. Room 39
Woodsfield, Ohio 43793
(740) 472-1654 (Probate)
(740) 472-5790 (Juvenile)
Hon. James W. Peters, Judge
Obey all laws
You shall refrain from violation of any law (Federal, State, Local). You shall contact your Probation Officer if arrested or questioned by a Law-Enforcement Officer. (Minor misdemeanor traffic offenses are generally not a basis for the revocation of probation, however you must report them to the Probation Officer.)

Search & Seizure
While on probation I understand I am subject to warrantless searches and consent to the search of my person, residence, out building on my property or under my control, vehicles,  as well as all computers, electronics and cell phones.

Abstain from Drugs
You shall not possess, use, distribute or have under your control any Schedule I, II, III, IV, and V drugs as defined in 3719.41 of the Ohio Revised Code, or instruments for administering them except on prescription of a licensed physician nor shall you use alcoholic beverages if ordered to abstain by the sentencing judge. It is also your responsibility not to be in the presence of any person using illicit drugs.

Obey Adults
I shall obey the adults in my home, school and police authorities and the Court.

Attend School
I shall attend school regularly and on time.

Curfew / Address / Telephone
I shall keep an 9:00 p.m. curfew and shall be where I live between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  I will immediately notify my probation officer of any change in my address and or telephone number.

Leaving Ohio
I shall not leave the state without the consent of my probation officer.

Contact with Offenders
I shall not contact or be with anyone on probation / community control.

Reporting In (Juvenile)
You shall report to the Probation Officer as ordered. You shall follow his instructions, including any requests for alcohol or drug testing at your own expense. Failure to submit will result in revocation of probation.

Possession of Weapons
I shall not purchase, possess or have under my control any weapon such as firearms, knives or dangerous ordinance.