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Taylor G. Abbott, Treasurer

101 N. Main Street Room 21
Woodsfield, Ohio 43793
(740) 472-1521
(740) 472-2501 (Fax)

Office Hours 8:00 to 4:00
Monday thru Friday


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Greetings, and welcome!

When I ran for office, I promised the people of Monroe County a modern and efficient office with state-of-the-art technology to better serve their needs. I hope you will find the combined Auditor and Treasurer web site helpful and informative.

If you have any questions about any of the information listed here, or suggestions for how we can better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact me personally during regular business hours at the number or email address provided. My staff and I look forward to serving you.

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Our Staff:
Taylor G. Abbott, Treasurer                  
Jodi L. Adams, Deputy Treasurer    
Billie J. Ogden, Deputy Treasurer

Tarah May Ridley, Deputy Treasurer
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The Monroe County Treasurer’s Office is pleased to offer the following payment options:

In Person: We are located on the second floor of the Monroe County Courthouse in Room 21. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit and Debit Card accepted.

By Mail:  Payments by personal check, cashier's check, or money order can be made out to Monroe County Treasurer and mailed to: 101 N. Main St. Room 21, Woodsfield, OH 43793.

Drop Box: During Tax Collection periods a blue drive thru drop box will be available at the alley entrance between the Courthouse and former Bank Building. Check or Money Order only, no cash please. Deposits are collected daily.

By Phone: Secured payments can be made over the phone by calling our automated line at 740-238-4246. Please have your parcel number ready.
Online: Online payments can be made by clicking the green PAY NOW link above. Payments can be made using credit or debit card (2.65% fee applies) or e-checks using a personal or business check ($1.50 fee per each $500.00 transaction). 

Automatic Withdrawal (ACH): The ACH option allows the Treasurer's Office to make automatic payment deductions from your checking or savings account on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis to pay your real estate or manufactured home taxes. This service is available to any taxpayers who are current on their bills. Taxpayers have the following options that they may enroll in:

1) Semi-Annual or Annual ACH Withdrawal: This option is free and allows taxpayers to choose to have either their 1st and 2nd half taxes withdrawn from their checking or savings account twice a year (semi-annual) or their full year amount (annual) automatically withdrawn. Taxpayers who choose this option will still receive a bill for their records but will have a predetermined date that the money will be withdrawn from their account. For more information please read below or call our office at 740-472-1521.

To enroll in the Semi-Annual or Annual ACH Withdrawal Program, please print and read the ACH Agreement. Complete and sign the Contract and return it with a voided check in person or by mail to the Treasurer's Office at:

Monroe County Treasurer
101 N. Main St. Room 21
Woodsfield, OH 43793

2) Monthly Escrow Payment:
The Escrow Plan is simple and free to the customer. Once the taxpayer requests the plan and signs the contract, a monthly payment amount will be calculated by dividing the past year’s adjusted annual tax figure into equal payments that will depend on when the payment plan is started. The plan typically begins in September with 11 equal payments through June, and the July tax bill will show the final amount due. For more information please read below or call our office at 740-472-1521.

To enroll in the Escrow Program, please print and read both the Escrow Contract  and ACH Escrow Agreement. Complete and sign both and return it with a voided check in person or by mail to the Treasurer's Office at:

Monroe County Treasurer
101 N. Main St. Room 21
Woodsfield, OH 43793
Real Estate Tax

As a general rule, Real Estate Tax Bills are sent out in February and June of each year and are due and payable in March and July. Real estate taxes can be paid in the following ways:

  • In person at the Monroe County Treasurer’s Office.
  • By mailing to the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Drop Box located in front of the Monroe County Courthouse
  • Online using an e-check, debit or credit card.
  • ACH using your checking or savings account.

Note: A payment stub or Parcel I.D. # should be included with all payments.

Manufactured Home Tax

Manufactured Home Tax Bills are sent out during February and June of each year and are due to be in March and July of each year. Manufactured Home Taxes can be paid in the following ways:

  • In person at the Monroe County Treasurer’s Office.
  • By mailing to the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Drop Box located in front of the Monroe County Courthouse
  • Pay taxes online using an e-check or major credit card.

Note : A payment stub and/or Registration # should accompany all payments.

Personal Property Tax

The tangible Personal Property tax has been phased out for general business filers. No annual or new taxpayer returns, either 920 or 945, are required to be filed for tax years 2009 and thereafter.

The tax will temporarily continue to apply to telephone companies and inter-exchange telecommunication companies. For these companies, the tax is being phased out, with the assessment percentage falling to zero for the 2011 tax year.

Delinquent Tax Payments

The collection of Delinquent (unpaid) Taxes, be it Real Estate, Manufactured Home or Personal Property, is a year-round process. Anyone falling behind in the payment of property tax is requested to contact the Treasurer’s Office so that the circumstances regarding the unpaid tax and the taxpayer’s options for payment arrangements can be discussed.

The treasurer is authorized to offer a number of installment plans to pay delinquent taxes. It is the goal and responsibility of the Treasurer’s Office to assist those having difficulties with back taxes. Taxpayers utilizing or setting up a payment plan must do so in person at the Treasurer’s Office and adhere to such arrangements in terms of payments to avoid any Legal/Foreclosure action instituted by the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Extended Payment Dates for Military Personnel

House Bill No. 390, effective March 4, 2002, allows an extension of time for payment of real estate and manufactured home taxes for members of the National Guard and reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States who have been called to active or other duty under Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, or the Governor’s directive of September 28, 2001, or a successor to that directive. Contact our office if you qualify: 740-472-1521.

Qualifying property includes property

  • Owned by a member of the National Guard or a member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States who is called to active duty as a result of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, or the directive issued by the Governor on September 28, 2001, or a successor to that directive.
  • Owned by the spouse of such a member.
  • Owned jointly by such member and that member’s spouse or dependent parent.
  • Owned by a dependent parent of such a member who dies during such active duty.

Benefits for qualified property

  • Payment of taxes and assessments payable during the member’s period of active duty and the six months following termination of that duty are delayed until the seventh month after the member’s active duty ends.
  • If the extended taxes are escrowed with a mortgage payment, the taxpayer may request that monthly mortgage payments be reduced by the amount of escrowed taxes for the period of the military member’s active service.

Application Process

  • An application must be completed by the member, or by that member’s spouse or dependent parent.
  • The application must be completed and an installment contract entered into no later than the last day of the sixth month following termination of active duty.
  • Proof of eligibility must be provided with application (copy of military orders or other documentation).
  • Qualified applicants will enter into a contract to pay the deferred taxes in installments beginning in the seventh month following the end of the member’s duty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I have received my tax bill?
A: Taxes are billed in biannual installments. Real estate tax bills are generally due the third week in March and the third week in July. Bills are mailed out in January and June. Manufactured home tax bills are generally due the first week of March and the last week in July with the bills being mailed out in February and June. If you don’t receive a bill, you need to contact us. Ohio law says that the parcel owner is still responsible for the real estate taxes even if the bill is not received. (See O.R.C. 323.13)

Q: Who notifies the Treasurer’s Office if I no longer have an escrow?
A: If you pay your taxes through a mortgage company and you recently paid off your loan, please contact our office to ensure that the financial institution advised our office in writing of that change. Pursuant to O.R.C. 323.13, any change in the mailing address of any tax bill shall be made in writing to the county treasurer. (See Change of Address under Forms)

Q: I moved but I did not receive my tax bill, what do I do?
A: Contact the Treasurer’s Office immediately to obtain the amount of your taxes. You can send a check or money order with the parcel number included on the memo portion of the check to ensure your bill is paid timely. Please keep in mind, it is the parcel owner’s responsibility to advise the Treasurer’s Office of any changes in address to ensure that the bill is sent to the correct address. Pursuant to O.R.C., all requests for change of address must be in writing. Include a Change of Address Form with the corrected address with the payment.

Q: If I do not receive my bill, can the penalties be remitted?
A: No. In accord with the Ohio Revised Code, failure to receive a bill is no reason to fail to pay the bill. However, you may file a request to remit the penalties based upon circumstances beyond your control, i.e. hospitalization, prolonged illness, death of an immediate family member.

Q: I received a bill for my taxes but I pay an escrow, who should I call?
A: If you receive a bill and you are currently paying an escrow for real estate taxes, please call your mortgage company. Our office receives files from each lender yearly. If they have not updated their file to include your tax bill, the escrow company needs to send us the request to re-route the bill.

Q: I sold my property but I received the tax bill. Who pays this bill?
A: Taxes are billed one year behind. If you sold your property and still received the tax bill, please review your closing documents and then contact your attorney, banker, real estate agent, or title company office. If the real estate bill is not addressed at your closing, you may be responsible for the payment of the taxes.

Q: Who determines the value of my property?
A: The appraisal value for your home or property is determined by the Auditor. If you do not believe that your home or property is worth the amount assessed, you may file a formal complaint with the Board of Revision to review the appraisal. The Complaint must be filed with the Monroe County Auditor by March 31 of the current year.

Q: I have delinquent taxes, what should I do?
A: Contact the Treasurer’s Office to discuss payment options on your parcel(s). Payment plan contracts for delinquent taxpayers MUST be completed in person and only by request.